Horsetail Fall

Horsetail Fall

Horsetail Fall is a small, ephemeral waterfall that flows over the eastern edge of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley. For two weeks in February, the setting sun striking the waterfall creates a deep orange glow known as the "firefall" effect.

There needs to be a clear ski and enough snow for the waterfall to flow for the "firefall" effect to occur. 

Horsetail Fall Tour - Limited Time Only

Typically starts the middle of February and only lasts for two weeks. 

Departure 4:30 pm at Yosemite Valley Lodge
Price Adult: $29.00
Senior: $28.00
Child: $20.00
Reserve Call 888.304.8993 or visit Yosemite Valley Lodge Tour Desk

For information on view points and permits for vehicles access visit the NPS website

For more information please visit Guided Buses & Tram Tours.

Photo Credit: Chris Falkenstein