Aramark Destinations’ Environmental Innovations: Greening Operations with Pallet Wrapz and Plastic Film Recycling

Aramark Destinations’ Environmental Innovations: Greening Operations with Pallet Wrapz and Plastic Film Recycling

Behind the scenes at Yosemite National Park, Aramark Destinations has implemented innovative practices to reduce plastic waste and increase recycling efforts. Through the adoption of Pallet Wrapz and collaboration with Trex, Aramark Destinations is revolutionizing its internal operations, showcasing its dedication to environmental stewardship and responsible business practices.

Pallet Wrapz: A Greener Alternative to Plastic Wrap

Before Pallet Wrapz adoption, vendors shipped goods to Yosemite Hospitality wrapped in plastic film. After counting and marking all the boxes, the pallet was rewrapped and stored in an onsite warehouse, contributing to plastic waste generation. However, recognizing the need for change, Aramark Destinations made a pivotal switch to Pallet Wrapz. Pallet Wrapz is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic film because it can be reused thousands of times. This more efficient wrapping solution helps streamline operations and significantly reduces plastic waste by eliminating the second plastic wrapping of the pallet. By adopting Pallet Wrapz, Aramark Destinations saves approximately 800,000 square feet of plastic wrap waste annually, demonstrating the commitment to sustainable practices.

Trex: Turning Plastic Film Recycling into Sustainable Products

Recycling plastic film is a challenging endeavor due to its non-recyclable nature. However, Yosemite Hospitality has found a solution through a fruitful partnership with Trex, a company that specializes in recycling plastic film. Trex repurposes the collected plastic film into eco-friendly products like decking boards and picnic tables. The success of this collaboration lies in a unique partnership with the Mariposa County landfill. The landfill not only stores the plastic film collected from Aramark Destinations but also extends the service to other Mariposa County businesses, expanding the positive impact on plastic waste reduction.

Environmental Impact and Ongoing Success

Aramark Destinations' green initiatives are making a substantial difference in plastic waste reduction and recycling efforts at Yosemite National Park. The adoption of Pallet Wrapz has dramatically decreased plastic wrap waste, saved valuable resources, and contributed to a cleaner environment. Additionally, the collaboration with Trex and the Mariposa County landfill further enhances the company's commitment to sustainability, transforming previously non-recyclable plastic film into durable, eco-friendly products.