Greening Yosemite: Aramark Destinations’ Sustainable Dining Initiatives

Greening Yosemite: Aramark Destinations’ Sustainable Dining Initiatives

Aramark Destinations has been taking increasingly more sustainable steps towards reducing its environmental impact at Yosemite National Park. Aramark Destinations has embraced innovative partnerships and eco-friendly practices to enhance the dining experience of visitors. From Fresh Grill’s locally sourced ingredients and compostable packaging to the transformation of s’mores kits and the new collaboration with Napa Nuts for compostable rice paper bags, Aramark Destinations is setting a new standard for responsible and sustainable dining in one of America’s most cherished natural wonders.

Fresh Grill: Sustainable Grab-and-Go

Fresh Grill, a sustainable supplier located in Southern California, plays a crucial role in Aramark Destinations’ efforts to green their operations at Yosemite National Park. Specializing in a range of grab-and-go options, including sandwiches, salads, fruit cups, and more, Fresh Grill’s commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with Aramark Destinations’ vision. To minimize environmental impact, Fresh Grill uses compostable packaging for its products, utilizing biodegradable wrappers and cups. Just focusing on sandwiches alone, the switch to 100% compostable packaging prevents over 20,000 sandwich wrappers from ending up in landfills annually. This eco-conscious decision not only showcases Aramark Destinations’ dedication to responsible sourcing but also provides visitors with delicious and environmentally friendly dining choices.

S’mores Kits – A Shift Towards Compostable Packaging

Even the iconic s’mores kits, cherished by visitors around the campfire, have undergone a green transformation at Yosemite. Collaborating with their suppliers, Aramark Destinations sought to reduce plastic waste by making the clamshell packaging compostable. With more than 4,000 s’mores kits sold annually, this simple yet impactful change significantly contributes to Aramark Destinations’ sustainability goals.

Napa Nuts Partnership – Eliminating Plastic Waste

In another move towards a more sustainable future, Aramark Destinations partnered with Napa Nuts, a local California company, to address plastic usage at The Ahwahnee Sweet Shop. Previously using plastic bags for some candy items, the shop now embraces compostable rice paper bags which significantly reduces plastic waste. This environmentally friendly choice saves approximately 900 plastic bags from entering landfills every year. The success of this initiative has been so impactful that the program is set to expand beyond the Sweet Shop, making a broader contribution to Yosemite’s overall environmental conservation efforts.

Preserving Yosemite’s Beauty

Aramark Destinations’ commitment to sustainable suppliers and eco-friendly practices at Yosemite National Park is commendable. From partnering with Fresh Grill, a supplier dedicated to compostable packaging and sourcing its ingredients locally, to transforming the packaging of s’mores kits and embracing Napa Nuts’ compostable rice paper bags, Aramark Destinations is paving the way for responsible and sustainable dining experiences. As visitors enjoy the natural wonders of Yosemite, they can take comfort in knowing that Aramark Destinations’ eco-conscious choices align with the park’s preservation and support the local community.