How to Have a Perfect Day at Badger Pass

How to Have a Perfect Day at Badger Pass

How to Have a Perfect Day at Badger Pass

What would a winter in Yosemite be without skiing at Badger Pass Ski Area? The two have remained united when it comes to exploring the beauty the cold and snow offers visitors. We opened our doors at Badger Pass Ski Area to learners and locals in the winter of 1935. Badger Pass has everything for a perfect winter day: transportation, accessible runs, affordable lift tickets, and easy to rent equipment and lesson signups.

When the weekend rolls around, why don’t you spend a day at Badger Pass Ski Area? We also won’t tell anyone if you decide to play hooky and spend a day on the slopes.

Before Arriving

Wake up well rested and ready to have an enjoyable day in the snow. Head over to the Yosemite Valley Lodge for a breakfast burrito from Basecamp Eatery, before the last shuttle bus picks you up at the Lodge entrance at 8:30 a.m. and again at 11 a.m. The scenic bus route takes about 40 minutes before arriving at Badger Pass. Check out our previous blog post here for more information regarding specific shuttle pick up times.

Gear and Preparations

No equipment? No problem! The rentals are on the first floor of the day lodge. Employees will help find a pair of skis or a snowboard best suited for you and boots to fit accordingly. If you bought your lift ticket ahead of time, you can pick it up at the front desk. This is a great time to get your equipment adjusted if you are not completely comfortable; making sure your helmet is buckled, jacket zipped, boots are tight, or modify anything bothering you. Now you are ready to head out to the slopes!

Beginner Friendly

For brand new skiers or snowboarders, Badger Pass offers Turtle, our tug lift. This lift helps, if you are a beginner, to understand what it feels like to be attached to something gliding across the snow. The Turtle area has practice cones to develop basic skills. Afterwards, you can learn how to ride a traditional chairlift. The Bruin chairlift helps gain experience with downhill speed.

Bruin is designed for our newest ski and snowboard students. The lift moves at slower speed, so you can take the time you need to learn how to get on and off the lift. Once warmed up, channel your inner John Muir and venture into the unknown... the land of harder runs. If you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge as a Beginner or Intermediate athlete, try out your newly learned skills on runs such as Eagle or Rabbit.

Our Favorite Runs

Experienced skiers enjoy riding the Eagle chairlift. Looking for a slightly longer run to take full advantage of Yosemite’s surrounding beauty? Perhaps try the following route: take the Eagle chairlift up to the top, then make a left-hand turn like you are about to head down the main run. When you see signage for Eagle, Rabbit, and Beaver, split off, and continue to the farthest side of the hill, down Beaver. This route has some slow sections perfect for admiring the snowcapped trees. The well-groomed and quiet terrain feels like you have the whole run to yourself.

Getting off the lift, on the right-hand side, explore cutting through the forest; options here to take black Wildcat down to the bottom, or blue Chipmunk. Ending on Chipmunk places you in an advantageous position to ride the Badger lift.

The Badger lift has access to Grey Owl, Badger, and connects back down to the beginner hill, Bruin. The views where Badger meets the top portion of Bruin cannot be beaten! These runs are shorter, but great if you like to catch speed. Just make sure to be aware of your surroundings when you shred near other learners and share the space!

Something for Everyone

If downhill sports don’t entice you, try out cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Trail recommendations, guided snowshoe tours, maps, and gear are all available at the Nordic Center.

For families we have a small tubing area, where the little ones can play and slide, while older siblings take ski or snowboard lessons.

Even if you are not participating in the sports at Badger Pass, you still have access to the day lodge and its added ambiance. We have food options available and a Sport Shop for some light shopping and souvenirs. Keep warm with hot cocoa available for purchase inside and spend the day watching people come down the mountain. The lodge is a perfect location to cheer on your loved ones as they successfully crush their first blue or black run!

No matter what activity you choose, there is always fun to be had in the snow! Yosemite in the winter is a magical place like no other, leaving your family awestruck by the beauty.