Renovating with Purpose: Aramark Destinations’ Sustainable Transformation of Curry Village

Renovating with Purpose: Aramark Destinations’ Sustainable Transformation of Curry Village

At Aramark Destinations, environmental stewardship is at the heart of every operation. In the recent renovation of Curry Village in Yosemite National Park, the goal was to go beyond conventional construction waste practices while achieving a remarkable diversion rate. Through focused project management, collaboration, and innovative partnerships, Aramark Destinations demonstrated its commitment to sustainability, paving the way for a greener future.

Source Reduction and Reuse

By strategically assessing existing materials and conditions, Aramark Destinations prioritized reducing waste entering the stream. The renovation project embraced the principles of reduce and reuse, incorporating character-defining redwood paneling and cork ceilings from the existing structure. This approach minimized the need for demolition and allowed for the rehabilitation of the space, preserving its unique charm and character.

Directed Separation and Recycling

Aramark Destinations’ commitment to waste diversion was evident through directed separation and recycling efforts. Demolished materials were carefully sorted, ensuring that concrete and metal components were recycled responsibly. Additionally, partnerships with organizations like Anew facilitated the processing and recycling of furniture items that were no longer fit for reuse. This comprehensive approach aimed to minimize the environmental impact of the renovation and maximize resource recovery.

Embracing Recycled Materials

Beyond the construction process, Aramark Destinations extended its sustainability efforts to purchasing decisions. Recycled materials were embraced for furniture and fixtures, exemplifying a commitment to the circular economy. An outstanding example is the incorporation of EMECO chairs in the renovated space. These chairs, crafted from nearly 100 recycled water bottles each, collectively repurposed over 35,000 bottles, showcasing Aramark Destinations’ dedication to closing the recycling loop.

A Sustainable Future

The Curry Village renovation serves as a testament to Aramark Destinations’ unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability. By prioritizing source reduction, reuse, and recycling, a diversion rate of 97.26% was achieved. This commitment extends beyond a single renovation; it sets a precedent for future projects and reinforces Aramark Destinations’ position as a leader in sustainable practices. Join Aramark Destinations on the journey towards waste reduction and sustainability, where together, we can create a lasting positive impact on our environment.